Personalizing It Is Everything


Use DexaFit to grow your business or practice and inspire life-changing results


Get insights using the gold standard of health and fitness testing


Keep more clients, attract new ones, and personalize plans with DexaFit


Motivate and inspire with elite-level services that create a scalable profit stream.

Engage Them

“DexaFit helps me help my clients stick to our plan and stay motivated throughout the year. Personalizing their plan and tracking their progress with DexaFit is a way to visually keep them engaged.”
– Camila P. CP Wellness

Show them

Benchmark and personalize planning with DEXA and 3D scans

  • FDA-approved technology used to quantify their lean, fat, and bone mass, including  visceral fat
  • Reveals imbalances in muscle symmetry and strength, flexibility, and joint mechanics

Personalizeit for them

With Vo2max and RMR Testing

  • Help them optimize metabolic and heart health using the single best predictor of all cause mortality.
  • Spot sluggish metabolisms and find the precise level of exercise intensity to burn fat, maximize recovery, and optimize performance.

Simplify it for them

Place the lab testing process in their hands, so they learn more

  • Blood panel testing kits show them their hormonal health, food sensitivities, and more
  • Microbiome and DNA screening kits let them explore their gut and genetic health