Modern Lab Testing At Your Fingertips


It has never been this easy to take control of your health.

Old Way

1. Visit Doctor for lab order

2. Visit lab

3. Wait for results.

4. Visit Doctor to review

New Way

1. Get testing kit

2. Own your health from home

3. Easy-to-understand results available online

How It Works



Select Kit


Choose your test. Own your health from home.



Sample and send


Take a sample in the comfort of home. Mail it to the lab.



View Results


Get simple to understand results and recommendations.

What’s Available?

Device Frame

1. Know Thy Blood

Get straightforward answers and easy-to-read results. See exactly what your body wants you to know about hormones, food sensitivities, and much more.

2. Heal Thy Gut


The Ubiome Explorer™ uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and a patented precision sequencing™ process to analyze your 39 trillion bacteria. Meet your microbiome boost your wellness and stay fit.

3. Know Thy DNA

Get fit and stay healthy with a genetically tailored workout system. Know the genetic cards nature dealt you. FitnessGenes shows you an efficient way to keep fit.