Combining the best aspects of physicians with the best aspects of technology,


DexaFit Care makes higher quality personalized care possible for you.


Choose from comprehensive plans that won’t break the bank and are HSA/FSA eligible.


Answer a few questions, get your DexaFit testing, and schedule your Doctor visit


Collaborate with your Doctor and Care Team to build your personalized plan.

Know Your Body


Benchmark your health with the gold standard of health testing.


  • DEXA and 3D Body Composition
  • Vo2max Cardiovascular Fitness
  • RMR Metabolic Health
  • Biomarker Analysis

Personalize Your Plan

Get a personalized plan with actionable insights based on your health data.

  • Collaborate with your DexaFit Doctor and care coach
  • Get a personalized health plan, including diet and exercise,           based on  your DexaFit results
  • Check in monthly or quarterly

Every Question Answered

Start with your DexaFit testing. Review your results with your Doctor and Care Coach. Discover exactly what to do to reach your optimal state of health.,,

Before Your Visit

Get a comprehensive analysis of your body composition, cardiovascular fitness, and metabolic health with DexaFit.

During Your Visit

Your Doctor and Care Coach will review your results and health history to build a complete picture of your health.

After Your Visit

Receive a summary of your meeting with your Care Team and get a personalized plan, including any diet, lifestyle, or exercise recommendations.