Choose a premium plan to achieve optimal health and save over 50% off the regular price

Mix and match any combination of DXA, Vo2max, and RMR tests. All plans are HSA/FSA eligible.

DexaFit Membership
One scan of choice per month (DEXA or RMR or VO2)
Unlimited Fit3D Scan
Additional test/service for only $40
One time sign up fee: $25 and annual dues: $30
*Annual due is charged every year on January 31
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Regular Price

Body Comp
One DXA Body Compostion Scan
See where you’re losing fat and building muscle
Identify your visceral fat and health risks
Learn your bone health and osteoporosis risk
Check for muscle imbalances
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Cardio Fitness
One Vo2 Cardio Fitness Test
See when your body burns fat and sugar during exercise
Learn your mitochondrial health and how well your cardio fitness
Discover your Vo2max, AT, Aerobic Base, and Heart Rate Zones
Your Vo2max is a top predictor of early death
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Metabolic Test
ONE RMR Health Analysis
Get the precise number of calories your body burns at rest (RMR)
See if you’re a ‘fat burner’ or ‘sugar burner
Know how your metabolism affects fat loss while still building muscle
Make sure your metabolism isn't slow
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3D Body Scan
One Fit 3D Body Scan
Maps the surface of your body and shows you more than 400 results about it
Reveal imbalances in muscle symmetry and strength, flexibility, and joint mechanics.
Track your progress in a secure, user-friendly, online dashboard with 3D avatar of you
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Interested in more than one test, these packages offer multiple tests at a
discounted price! Plus, you can share 4, 6, and 8 test packages with one
other person! Ask for details.

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6 Fit 3D
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12 Fit3D
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Looking For More?

We have special partnerships in place for our clients

Alpha program
Nutrition in house
Tailored Macros (unlimited)
Meal Guidelines (2 guidelines per macro set )
3 consultations per month (30-minute on nutrition with coach Lore)
1 training consultations per month (Coach Jon/The Warrior Room)
Training guidelines(The Warrior Room)
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